People always ask me who I've met regarding celebrities. I've met a few through work over the years but my favorite celebrity story goes back to what must have been January 8, 1989. Although I could have sworn it was sometime in 1992. I didn't know the date before researching it. I had two stints at the video store, Video Difference so there may be the confusion in my head. Anyway I was working from 4pm to 8pm or something. It was about 7pm (after dark anyway) the store was clear and started to go out for a "breath of fresh air" using the "in" door.

In haste, I inadvertently opened the door and nearly plowed through who at the time looked like a an older weird long haired skinny dude. I even thought, oh great here comes a pain in behind to deal with. After apologizing to the guy for nearly wiping him out with the door, two larger men with him looked at me with angry faces. Both the scrawny guy and musclebound cop types walked in and wandered around checking out videos.

So at the time I'm trying to figure this out. It certainly was way out of pattern of anything I had seen before. Then it dawned on me, that night Alice Cooper was in town. I nearly took out Alice Cooper! No, I don't remember what he bought or rented or if even he got anything. I didn't recognize him at first without the make-up, black suit and the stick but yes my first brush with a celebrity.