There are pro sports and there are college sports. Both worthy of attention for different reasons. On top of the two just mentioned, in about six weeks will be the winter Olympics being held in Sochi, Russia. It doesn't seem like the Vancouver games were four years ago, isn't it crazy how time flies? You have the less captivating sports and the more thrilling and some really death defying events. I for one am an avid Olympic viewer whether it's the summer or the winter games.

I sit glued to the TV for two weeks every two years and watch as much of the games as I can. In the case of the upcoming games, I'll watch everything from the ski jumping, luge to hockey and even figure skating and curling. (yes, my man card was revoked years ago)

I'm not sure if Shawn White will be there in February or if he retired but he was always fun to see do the half pipe. I always cheer for locals, like Seth Wescot and Bode Miller. Sadly, Augusta native Julia Clukey just missed the U.S. luge team, by a hair. Over all it's great to see everyone who has worked so hard for four years do their best and medal if possible.

You may laugh at me, but I like curling and even understand it, at least the basics of the game. It's sort of like shuffleboard, with the only difference really, the rock on ice can be directed by the sweepers.

For the winter games of the past, 1994 stands out the most for me, that was the year Nancy Kerrigan got knocked in the legs by Tonya Harding's ex-husband. Whether that low put a spotlight on the sport that year or not it was the year for figure skating. Brian Boitano was still on the ice, Kurt Browning was as well but the star that year was Elvis Stojko. He took a "foo-foo" sport and really made it rock n' roll.

Hockey is my favorite of the winter Olympic sports probably because of the professional element. My least favorite is probably anything to do with cross country skiing just because the lack of flash and flare.

Where the cold war is over, the games aren't as intense as they once were but there haven't been issues since either, nobody is using violence like in Munich and there are no boycotts like in the years in Moscow and Los Angeles.

Let's hope for peace, and let's enjoy the games. Can't wait for Bob Costas with his perfect hair and those fireside chats and last but not least, GO USA!