Working in radio is an interesting career. Some days come with a little extra treat that make getting up at 3 am seem like a treat. Thank you Betty for my lovely basket of goodies. The frame with "dog" imprinted will soon be sporting a new picture of ShadowDog.

I have had a chance to do some amazing things, like fly the Hood Blimp! I get to spend every workday morning with two of the funniest guys I know, Mac and Jon. But since we are at the studio working and you are at home, driving, working or what ever you are up to, we have to always strive to connect with you. That is what is so great about doing things like the 92 Moose Mid Week Lunch Bunch, going out to our live broadcasts and events, we get to meet you and see the faces of the people we spend time with every day.  Thank you Betty for your treat this morning.  Gift baskets aside, it is always great to know we make a positive impact on peoples lives. That is what it is ALL about!  P.S. Thanks for the super pic Jon!