Once in a while probably because I'm a disc jockey I like to look up the Billboard #1 songs from the years gone by. We’ll go with 20, 15, 10 and 5 years ago. Where you and what were you doing?

The #1 song 20 years ago today was Mariah Carey's, "Hero." What was I doing? I had moved back to Halifax my home town after graduating from broadcasting at The Atlantic Broadcast Centre. While looking for a radio job I was working for a fast food restaurant part time and a convenience store full time and when I had time I was at home with my girlfriend at the time, Krista.

15 Years ago, back in 1999 on this day, the Billboard #1 song was Celine Dion's "I'm Your Angel" featuring R. Kelly. At this point in my life I was starting out life with Lynn at our little studio apartment in Auburn and working at Nichol's Portland.

2004, 10 years ago the #1 song was "Hey Ya" by Outkast. "Shake it like a Poloroid picture" Can you even still buy Poloroid cameras and film? I was working 6pm to Midnight here at 92 Moose. I drove a 2002 white Hyundai Accent, by this time had married Lynn and we had two boys, Dylan and Justin.

And five years ago, the #1 song was "Single Ladies" by Beyonce. In those five years I had moved from evenings to 4 pm to 8 pm, my wife and I had had Vikki and we'd bought a house. Other than that life has pretty much been the same.