I'm not sure if it's just a sign of age and time or if I'm just more sentimental than others but today make me sad in a way. It is the most recent building in a long list of places that have either been demolished or revamped that meant something to me. I'm referring to the workplace where I met my wife, Lynn. At the time she was the Administrative Assistant and I was the overnight DJ. Yes, I went out with the secretary.

The building shown in the picture in tact was located at 912 Washington in Auburn, Maine and was where I worked from 1998-1999. I was the overnight air talent and promotions coordinator for the FM adult contemporary formatted station. Inside the complex included a heritage AM signal dating back to 1947.

Lynn my wife was hired in the late spring of 1998 as the Administrative Assistant. This was only days before I got into an accident with the station van on the Auburn rotary. Just a day or two after the accident I walked into work one day and I hear out of this cute 21 year old, "So this is the guy you call "Crash"" as she comments to PJ a co-worker. Usually it's, "Hi my name is Lynn, pleased to meet you." Her introducing herself to me that way she obviously caught my attention because here we are now.

Soon after, Lynn and I developed a friendship over the coffee maker, not so much because we drank coffee all day, okay I did, but because that was the smoking area. We giggled, flirted and chatted.

That part of the building still stands in the pictures today because on top of it being the community area back then it was also the location of the transmitters for the AM stations.

I have great memories of working in that facility with their three production rooms, shag carpeting on the FM studio wall and best of all the front desk and the girl who worked behind it.

I remember the moment where Lynn and I clicked. She accused me of messing with her desk one night after she left. She thought I was moving her stuff all around, turning her computer backwards and everything else upside down.

I swear to this day I never touched her desk, I was apparently the fall guy for someone else's prank. I'm really not mad, trust me it was the moment where we connected beyond just co-workers and friends. I did write Lynn a note on a post-it one night that said, "Hi, how are?" I just asked her a few minutes ago about that note, she says she still has it somewhere in the house and that maybe it was in her hope chest? Yes, I did do that but didn't mess with her desk. Fess up if you know who did after 16 years.

Here are a few songs that remind me of my time at the station and of meeting Lynn.