Renee gave a clue to the listener: "a game played with your hands and string."

"Cat's Cradle," the listener replied. She was right. And I immediately started talking about playing the game when I was a kid and that I use to play it with Chinese jump ropes. I immediately went to Amazon, where 'one click buying' can be dangerous, and typed in, "Chinese jump rope."

Up on the page came a bunch of options, the best of which was a pack of four of them for under eight bucks. How can you beat that? So they'll be here by Saturday and, because I'm a Prime member, there's no shipping. Yahoo!

Do you remember these Chinese jump ropes? People around my age do. Younger people, for the most part, don't seem to. Heck, a lot of younger people I asked don't even know what "Cat's Cradle" is. Any why is it called Cat's Cradle? I don't even know that!

I remember playing other games with these elastic jump ropes, too. It was fun and GREAT exercise. You can actually play it with one, two or three people. Check out the first video for ideas and the second one for "Cat's Cradle." It's a string game, but I always played it with a Chinese jump rope.