I have a few things on my bucket list but one on my checklist will never happen because it no longer runs. It was 10 years ago today the last Concorde jet landed. The Concorde ran from 1976 through 2003. 27 years of supersonic passenger flight speed.

The planes in their heyday were run by Air France and British Airways and were twice as fast as the conventional passenger jets at mach 2.04 or 1,300+ miles an hour. The Concorde flew at 60,000 feet almost twice the altitude of a typical travel jet.

The flights were primarily transatlantic from New York to London or Paris but it all ended do to slumping ticket sales after the one of the planes crashed in 2000, the 9/11 terror attacks and an overall downturn in the economy.

There a few planes on display here in the U.S. if you ever want to visit one at a museum.