Last night I drove to the scene of the Lewiston apartment fire. It was dark and smoky and I really couldn't get a good concept of how bad the blaze was, so I went again this morning. Oh my word, what a sad sight of charred remains, half standing buildings and melted roofs.

I saw a couple crying being interviewed by our local TV station, I also spoke with Mike Carney, the regional maintenance supervisor of an Ash St. apartment complex who told me the water was waist-high at that apartment complex. The standing water was three feet high and caused by the fire hoses putting out the fire.

It's just a devastating sight between Ash and Pine on both Bates and Blake streets in Lewiston.There is some good news though, nobody was either seriously injured or worse killed, but on a sad note there are 75 people now homeless and without much so I'm sure any help you could give would be much appreciated.

The American Red Cross and Lewiston Salvation Army are taking donations. I'll keep an ear out if or when a fund that specifically helps gets set up for these people and pass it along.