Ahh, a great cup of coffee is a must! Also, March is National Caffeine Awareness Month. I am strictly an iced coffee drinker. It can be below zero and I walked into the radio with an iced coffee in my hand. Here are some of the best reviewed places to get coffee in central Maine, according to Yelp.com.

1. Frosty's Donuts   335 Water Street in Gardiner. They received five stars. The reviews raved about their donuts and the coffee.

2. Green Bean Coffee Shop  111 Old Windsor Road in South China. They also received five stars, but came in second due to fewer reviews. They received great reviews on both their iced and hot coffee. They were also highly praised for their breakfast, pies and friendly staff.

3. Isamax Snacks 621 Maine Avenue in Farmingdale. They also received five stars with four reviews. They were highly praised for a Maine staple, the whoopie pie and their coffee.

4. Doc Hollandise  611 Civic Center Drive in Augusta. Another five star review! They got rave reviews for their breakfasts, fresh donuts and Eggs Benedict.

5. Juiced 130 Water Street in Hallowell. They received four and a half stars. They received plenty of compliments on their coffee, soups and smoothies.

Those who came close to the top five with four star reviews include: Dunkin' Donuts on Sewall Street and Western Avenue in Augusta, The Vickery Cafe at 261 Water Street in Augusta, Downtown Diner at 204 Water Street in Augusta, and Slates Bakery at 161 Water Street in Hallowell.