Wow!  What a fun day it was!  Ridin' Steel, led by Steve Marois and Sherry Bourgoin and the Augusta Elks, of which Lori Howlett is the Exalted Ruler, produced the first ever "Ridin' Steel, Bikers Against Bullying Family Fun Day."

Everything was free...from grilled hot dogs and bottled water to ice cream from Darling's Ice Cream Truck, bounce houses, a petting zoo, live entertainment and more!

Music  took center stage during the time I was there.  Amanda McCarthy from New Hampshire played guitar and sang, 14 year-old Carter Isaac of Turner sang to a soundtrack (which he made himself, playing his own instruments).  This kid is impressive.  Even with a bad head cold, he had a great stage presence and warm personality.

At noon time, Amanda and Carter sang God Bless America and then Kristen and Katherine Veayo sang the National Anthem.  Both were beautifully done.  Now I'm going to interject something that always bothers me during the National Anthem.  There always seems to be a handful of men (grownups), who do not remove their ball caps.  It doesn't bother me if they don't cover their hearts but leaving the hat on is just disrespectful to the country and our service men and women.  There, I feel better now.

At 12:30 pm, the Veayo Twins came up on stage and they were great!  They started out by telling how they were bullied when they were younger due to speech impediments.  It got to the point where they had to change schools.  Today, with their super supportive parents, Steve and Michelle, they are thriving and bringing their message in song.  Their first number seemed quite appropriate....Imagine....which Kristen belted out with feeling.  The girls' harmonies were beautiful and a bit of warmth in a somewhat chilly breeze.