Valentine's Day is all but through. What did we do? It started bright and early this morning with the kids. We bought each of them a little something. Vikki's gift was a form or shape sorter, Dylan got a fedora that he wanted and Justin wanted and received a pair of Levis 510 super skinny jeans. And for Lynn, I bought her a two rose bouquet, card and Symphony bar her favorite type of candy bar.

Fried Clams for our Valentines lunch.....YUM

So the the boys were happy as they went to school all hip and styling. Actually at Justin's school it was "80s Day" part of Park Avenue's "Spirit Week" so his new jeans fit in well. Skinny jeans and bright colors are retro? Not any more. I believe the "skinny" Levis number back in my day was 531. Vikki tried and got a little frustrated with the shape sorter but did alright.

So after the kids went to school we chilled for an hour or two. At about 11:30 I took Lynn out to lunch at the Chick a Dee for the fried clams. Got to have them if you ever go. I like clams fried in crumbs and Lynn like battered. We both had them the way we wanted them and were happy as clams. One of our favorite restaurants, except the kids don't care for seafood so it's kind of a place we go alone. With our full bellies we said bye to each other; she went to her Moms with Vikki and I headed up the Turnpike to Augusta.