Do you send out Holiday cards? We always do for family, which includes the "family photo." It was a process and a half today, but it's done.

This year the toughest part about the picture was getting the angle right so to get the tree, fireplace and family all in the shot. We tried this afternoon, but at that time of day the sun shined through in front of the camera, so the shadows would have added an unwanted effect.

A test shot in the afternoon for angle and lighting. Ahhh, we'll try again after dark.

We put the idea to bed until the sun went down. Either myself or Lynn has always in the past just set timer on the camera and then run back in place. This year, that was going to impossible with an 18 month old, so we called my sister in-law Stacy to take the picture. She came at about 5pm and took about five or six. At about that point, Vikki had just about had enough. We tried to get 'Thunder' the cat in a few, but that caused even more chaos.

The photo shoot was getting too out of control in too many ways. At this point, we were done and the best of the bunch gets emailed for one-hour photo and picked up after dinner.

Strangely enough the picture we sent for developing was the first one Stacy took. After dinner, we went off to pick up the photo-cards and a few other things like size 3 diapers for the 'picture diva' in the making.

How about you? I saw many on Facebook with trees going up. Seemed like it was big weekend for getting Christmas trees.

The Christmas Photo!