It is the MLB All-Star Break in Minnesota. With the big game tomorrow night. Over the weekend were the celebrity and old timers playing and today it's the home run derby, but other than that there really isn't much to the spectacle. The NBA and NHL All Star Breaks have skills competitions, why can't MLB (aside from the home run derby)?

Why can't there be a base running competition by having the fastest runners race to first or a pitching duel with pitching for accuracy?

As for the game, I liked it better when I was a kid, maybe because you didn't see the players as often on TV and it felt at the time you were getting the best baseball. I'm not so sure about that today with fears of injury trying to acclimate a team in days and pulling players after three innings, etc.

The All Star Game matters like it has for the past few years because the winning league gets home field advantage in the World Series. Whether it matters to the viewers is yet to be seen. I'll watch it for what it is, summertime replacement programming.