New station phones!

So do you get confused when buying a new cell phone? It can be a torturous procedure to be sure, but Matt at U.S. Cellular at the Marketplace at Augusta made the process easy and concise as my co-worker Mike and I went off to upgrade the phones we use at our live broadcasts. Those who know me know that I can live without a cell phone and do for the most part. And quite honestly, I don’t know a lot about how to use the new smartphones. Heck, I barely, if ever, text.

We walked into U.S. Cellular and said we were interested in smartphones.  Matt, the U.S. Cellular associate led us through the types and styles. We ended up picking the Motorola Electrify M because there is a “Buy one, get one free” sale going on with those phones right now.

So what does this mean for you the reader and Moose listener? More instant pictures from our events to the website and Facebook! Now, I must look up what “4G” refers to and or means. Is there an app for that?