Artist Jen Miller dream thought up an idea that seemed right for the times.  She thought that since nursing mothers are discouraged from breastfeeding their babies in public places like malls, restaurants and other venues, she would create a mobile unit (a converted ice cream truck) for mothers to gather and nurse in....

The truck is easy to spot as it's shaped like a bare breast.  As you can see, the truck is an eye catching combination of white, blue, pink and pinker (is pinker even a word?).

Obviously, one truck isn't going to solve the problem in all communities but it may be a great idea for other areas to adopt.  I'm thinking a couple for Augusta would be enough. One at the entrance and one at the exit.....of Wal*Mart.

By the way, and you can't make this stuff up, Jen is a teacher at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University.