The Mid Maine Homeless Shelter in Waterville will be opening soon. It is a brand new facility to help with not only shelter, but resources for those in need. One group of people seen more and more in shelters in more recent history are kids and families. So, 17 year old Albert Joseph Languet IV is working on earning his Eagle Scout by building a playground at the new shelter.

Albert is a Messalonskee High School junior and member of Waterville Boy Scout Troop 436. Several months ago he started visiting the shelter regularly after deciding to develop a playground as his Eagle Scout program. He designed and planned the fenced-in playground! He sees kids are going through a hard time in their life and a playground will help having some fun and just for them during this time.  He has raised about $4000 for this and hopes to raise a total of $15,000 for the project.

Albert also wants to making helping people his life. He hopes to become an orthopedic surgeon someday. He likes helping people, and was inspired to become a doctor after having surgery himself, including for a broken arm he suffered in a skateboard accident.