You've seen the 'Nutrition Facts' on the side of pretty much every food item. The label that tells you how many calories you'll be taking in per serving. You'll also see the fat content and other assorted numbers in relation to you're daily intake. The FDA is going to revamp the listings.

First and foremost, we have changed and so have eating habits since the side panel's introduction 20 years ago. The calories will be more prominently marked and there will be more clarity on "serving size."

Measurements are in grams and most Americans don't understand the concept of a gram. Even coming from Canada, I know what a gram is, but it is abstract and not really understandable when it comes to food. So it looks as though we may start seeing teaspoons, cups and other standard units of measurement listed as well as metric.

Health and food advocates would like to see a whole grain line added to the new set of listings and the listings posted on the front and not on the side or back of the product.

This is still in the works and under review but will roll out soon.