Over the fast week or so I’ve been looking at used cars. If there is one thing I find hard it is the decision and commitment involved in buying a car. I’ve done test drives with cars from a very good dealership in Western Maine. They’ve been really more like "loaner length" type test drives.

The first car I took was a 2012 Ford Focus. A bright red, well equipped Special Edition (SE) model. I liked the car but it takes more than just my vote to say yes or no on a car. Lynn felt a bit squeezed in the front passenger seat and the kids were a bit squished in the back as well but it would make a cute and awesome car for someone commuting long distances. Vikki on the other hand loved the Focus. “I want a red car.” Then she started telling me she wanted me to drive a pink car. That probably isn’t going to happen.

2012 Focus SE

The second car the dealership let me take was a sandy-tan colored 2010 Ford Fusion. That car too is an SE and has the room we all like and seems a bit better on gas than the Malibu which I’d be trading in.

2010 Fusion

Tomorrow is decision time. I haven’t been to the dealership yet to see the rest of the inventory. Something else may pop out at me when I go tomorrow morning but I know who I’m dealing with and I know he wouldn't steer me wrong (or anyone wrong) with the picks he chose for me to take home and test drive.

If no deal is made tomorrow then I’ll probably sit on the idea of a new-to-me car for a few weeks due to post-op recovery.

Decisions, decisions.