It’s World Cup time. Yes, it’s soccer or as the Europeans and other countries outside of North America call it, football.

Do I like soccer? It’s alright if I have an interest in the team. For example, if my son or daughter was to be playing, or I’ll watch the US play internationally. I never think to watch the New England Revolution, wonder how they're doing in the standings.

Why isn’t soccer bigger in the US? I wonder if it because in US, we have four major sports and NASCAR.

I’ve often thought the lack of popularity of soccer comes from TV networks not liking the fact the play clock doesn’t stop for ad revenue. Meaning, like in NFL football, the whistle blows and we at home get commercials, that can't happen really in soccer.

Is it because the sport is not is thought to be not American? Is it that we don't contend?

I think it’s a combination of all of the above.

What are your thoughts?

If you want to watch team USA play their first game of the World Cup tournament, they play Ghana tonight, the game starts tonight at 6 pm on ESPN.