This is the most disturbing trend I’ve seen in a long time if ever. In the past few weeks there have been four local Maine men charged with either child pornography or solicitation for sex and or sexual assault with a minor.

What is going on here? The latest case involves a recently fired Portland Pirates goal-tending coach.

Just yesterday, a publisher at a Lewiston Auburn magazine had from reports hundreds of images on his computer and less than a week ago a former Maine Police Chief was arrested in New Gloucester. If you want to add to the list of sickos, there was another Auburn man who lived just a block from Auburn Middle School arrested on child pornography.

I guess it is good thing that these pedophiles are getting caught but it still makes me irate and puts me over the edge that people could do these type of things and be this way.

I have three children, and the last thing I ever want to hear is an adult even hitting of flirting with them.

I just don’t get it. What makes people like this? I know “they say” if a child has been abused, they in turn are more prone to do the same.

I can't write any further on this because I’m just getting angrier as I go.