So far there is no agreement between the players and owners in the NHL lockout. A great substitute or diversion is the NBA! The Celtics opened the 2012-2013 schedule Tuesday night with a road loss to The Heat. Tonight, it’s the C’s home opener at the TD Bank Garden against the Milwaukee Bucks. Boston has a slightly different line up than last year. Ray Allen is no longer, as you know if you watched the game on October 30th. A full schedule of NBA action this year too, with 82 games. No lockouts, strikes or replacement refs to talk about. Not sure if Doc Rivers and the team have what it takes to go all the way, but I’m excited to see how this season plays out!

I like basketball. Maybe because it’s easy to like it when the home team has 17 championship banners, more than any other NBA team. For the exception of the lean later 90s, Boston has been competitive. Don’t tell anyone, but I also like the Lakers. Just so you know, I always go with Boston if the two are playing each other. I have family in the Los Angeles area, was born there and it’s a glitzy team to watch. How can you not like Jack Nicholson getting all wound up?

I highly doubt I’ll be able to make it to the TD Bank Garden this year for a game, but hopefully I’ll make it to a Maine Red Claws game.