Wow! Some great calls on the show this morning about things people tried but will never do it again. This because of a national survey just released saying the top five responses included camping, jogging, karaoke and golf. Number one has been left out, with good reason!

Tomorrow morning after 6, we'll go back to the phone looking for the correct answer. The winner gets tix to the Fifty Shades of Men (former Chippendale's dancers), next Saturday the 12th at Champions in Waterville.

Here are some of the things listeners say they've tried but never again:

  • Getting pepper sprayed (former state trooper Tim Marks)
  • Smoke a pipe
  • Marriage
  • Eat a jalapeño
  • Climb Mt. Katahdin
  • Eat Escargot
  • Eat Calamari
  • Coffee
  • Cigarettes
  • Parasailing
  • Mt. Olympus waterslide at Funtown
  • One Night Stand (in the morning she wanted to cuddle)
  • Open relationship
  • Eat liver
  • Eat tripe