Here are the things you need to  know today......

Augusta Fire Chief wants an ordinance to limit the use of mulch.  According to WGME the dry conditions are helping to cause mulch fires recently in the city.  They are started by discarded cigarettes. He would like to see this apply to places like hotels and apartment buildings.

The Kennebec County sheriff is warning a scam that is going around. According to, the caller asked for the person to buy iTunes cards to avoid arrest for not paying taxes. The sheriff says police don’t barter away warrants.

From the Associated Press, police are crediting two armed bystanders with breaking up a shooting involving two groups in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Augusta, Maine. But they're also urging folks to let police handle it next time. Police Lt. Christopher Massey says the situation ended well but he encourages bystanders not to intervene in the future.

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is back in Maine, and he's being joined once again by Republican Gov. Paul LePage. The Bangor visit this afternoon is the candidate's second time in Maine this year.

A new poll underscores the extent of the drug crisis in Maine. The Portland Press Herald poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire indicates six in 10 Mainers know someone who has either used heroin or abused prescribed opiate painkillers.

Officials at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport have begun assessing the damage caused by three suicide bombers who killed dozens and wounded more than 140. Workers were brought in Wednesday morning to remove debris left by the blast, while in the daylight the damage to the terminal became clearer. The airport is partially reopened, with the information board inside the airport showing that about one third of scheduled flights have been canceled.

In southwestern Pakistan, police say gunmen in twin attacks just minutes apart have shot and killed four policemen. A police spokesman says the gunmen escaped. The attacks happened Tuesday in Quetta, the capital of Baluchistan province. No one has claimed responsibility for the assault.

Asian stock markets are rallying Wednesday following gains on Wall Street and even bigger gains in Europe. Market worries about the uncertainty of Britain's decision to leave the European Union seem to have eased. But analysts say market volatility can come back anytime and it's too early to say investor appetite for risks has made a full comeback.