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Sen. Scott Cyrway has received the 2016 Daryl Gates Lifetime Achievement Award at a DARE Training Conference in Atlanta. According to Cyrway has been a DARE officer for almost 25 years.

From the Associated Press:

Campaigners who want to legalize marijuana in Maine are opening their headquarters in Portland. Maine residents can decide if they want to vote "yes on 1" this November to legalize marijuana use and possession.

The federal government is spending up to $4.4 million to complete a plan to help Maine's blueberry industry by buying surplus crop.USDA's purchase of blueberries could eventually impact prices to consumers, which have been lower in recent years of big harvests.

Maine is in the top 10 states for economic output for the first quarter of the year. Maine's economy grew 2.3 percent during the first three months of 2016.

President Barack Obama says the choice for this year's election isn't even a close one. Speaking at the Democratic National Convention, Obama said Americans should "reject cynicism, reject fear" and elect Hillary Clinton the next president. Obama said Donald Trump is "not really a plans guy" or a "facts guy" but is a business guy who left "a trail of lawsuits, and unpaid workers, and people feeling like they got cheated."