Here are the things you need to  know today......

A Winslow man convicted of manslaughter more than 15 years ago for killing a child has been arrested again. According to WABI Erik Hart accused of threatening his ex-girlfriend with a gun.

The body found in the Kennebec River Tuesday morning was that of a homeless transgender female. According WABI, she had been living along the river bank near ‘Head of Falls’ and was known to associate with other transients in the area. Police are still investigating. Anyone with information should call the Waterville Police.

The Oakland Police and Fire/Rescue will hold a citizen’s academy this fall that’s open to the public. reports it will be an overview of both departments.

Maine’s Drought Task Force is meeting today to discussion our drought conditions. According to they will review the conditions and any steps in dealing with it.

From the Associated Press:

Lawmakers critical of Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage are looking at a novel way to punish the governor after efforts to convene a special session fell flat. A small but growing group of lawmakers is asking Democratic Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap to invoke a never-before-used constitutional clause that could let Dunlap say LePage can't serve because of "temporary mental or physical disability."

Donald Trump says America's generals have been "reduced to rubble" under President Barack Obama and suggests he would fire some of them if he wins the presidency in November. Trump offered the assessment in a national defense forum held in New York. He and rival Hillary Clinton separately fielded 30 minutes of questions during the NBC event. Clinton said she wants to be judged on the "totality" of her record.

The top Democrat on the House Oversight committee, Maryland's Elijah Cummings, has released a 2009 email exchange in which former Secretary of State Colin Powell advised Hillary Clinton on the use of personal email. The exchange occurred two days after Clinton was sworn in as secretary of state. Powell wrote that he used a personal computer to communicate without going through State Department servers.

A White House official says President Barack Obama and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte exchanged pleasantries privately at a regional summit in Laos. Obama canceled a Tuesday meeting after Duterte had used profanity in reference to Obama while speaking to reporters in the Philippines. Duterte said at the time that he wouldn't accept criticism from Obama about extrajudicial killings. Since Duterte took office in June, a crackdown on suspected drug dealers and users has left more than 2,000 dead.

Thursday's meeting of a state election board in North Carolina may determine if voting rights activists head back to federal court. A federal appeals court recently ruled that state lawmakers purposefully discriminated against black voters by slashing early voting and imposing other restrictions. The GOP-lead State Board of Elections is to finalize early voting plans for a third of the state's counties. Early voting is popular with black voters.

Montana authorities say a woman who was kidnapped at a rest stop in broad daylight was able to talk with her husband by cellphone several times and even talked with police. She was in the trunk of her car when she called but was dead by the time authorities found her vehicle 325 miles away near Spokane International Airport. A sheriff in Washington says there is a person of interest in the case and surveillance video from a store in being analyzed.