This morning, Lewiston had its third apartment complex fire in just a week. The first two were set off allegedly by 12-year-old boys, unrelated to each other except maybe by inspiration. I went down to today's scene to get a sense, feel and look at last night/this morning's L fire. Again, thankfully nobody was hurt. Sadly it is the same kind of scene with the firetrucks from in town and out of town, news cruisers, Salvation Army, Red Cross, etc.

There's a difference in the people and their thoughts and emotions between this fire and the one from a week ago. A week ago residents and bystanders were sad, sympathetic with jaws gaping in disbelief of what just happened.This morning as I was taking pictures and walking about, those same near by residents and bystanders are seemingly angrier. My biggest takeaway from this morning is, this part of Lewiston is close knit and has a huge heart and a "don't mess with us attitude."

There are drives to help the victims of these fires. You can donate to the local American Red Cross, YWCA of Lewiston and the Lewiston chapter of the Salvation Army.