If you're looking for a creepy romantic (okay, more creepy than romantic) place to stay on an autumn getaway, there's probably no better place in Maine than at the Inn At The Agora in Lewiston.

It was built as a private home in the 1850s.  In 1875, it was purchased by the Catholic Church and used as the rectory for St. Patrick's Church.  It was used as the rectory until the church closed its doors in 2009.  In 2014, it was purchased by Andrew Knight and turned into an inn.  Later, the church itself was purchased and turned into an event center.

How is it creepy?  Well, to start, there is a crypt on the property.  The original builder and priest, Thomas Wallace, laid inside the building for about a century after his death. It was only until the closing of the church in 2009 that his body was moved to a cemetery in Bangor. The crypt is now set up as a guest room complete with a coffin that sleeps two (you cannot actually spend the night, though).

There even running a "Halloween" special between October 17th and November 2nd.  get all the details here

Would you ever stay there?