Weird. Just weird. As I walked back toward the studio with my second or third cup of coffee at around 6:45, the light was coming through the dark clouds and the coloration of the world looked strange, though I really didn't think anything of it....

"Wow, that's weird," I heard Renee say as she came out of an adjacent studio.

What? I asked.

"It's pink outside," she replied.

I really hadn't assigned it a color but, upon my return to the hall, I glanced outside again and could see she was correct. The world had a kind of pinkish hue. The kind of pink you get when you wash a red shirt with your white undershorts. Yes, I do have some pink undershorts, but what of it?

I really didn't give it a lot of thought after that but have to wonder what things contribute to these strange colors we sometimes see at sunrise and sunset. It could be sunlight through pollutants. It could be poisonous gases wafting out some clandestine chemical plant hidden underneath K-Mart. But I choose to think of it as the good Lord chucking us a little Technicolor magic to make us say, "what the....?," every once in awhile. I'll bet he gets a big kick out of our reactions, too.