Just called home to see how the kids were doing, apparently they’re fine or at least on the surface seem okay. As a parent, we assume that it won’t happen here in our town, in our school. What strikes me is how unsuspecting these children and teachers were. They were just doing what they’re supposed to do, go to school. It is just plain awful seeing the video and pictures from Sandy Hook Elementary School.

I don’t know what triggers people to go on these rampages. Is it anger, drugs, the need to be noticed and or notoriety? So to say the shooter isn’t right is putting it too lightly. I don’t really have words to say but just the feeling of heartbreak, sadness, sickness and helplessness. Trying to keep composure, but it’s tough to do a radio show and see what just happened on the news.

I am still trying to process all of this as I just really found out the magnitude of the horror from Connecticut about an hour ago. Maybe I’ll have more to say later, maybe I won’t. My heart just bleeds for the parents, and the children who saw what happened. These 5-10 year old children are scarred for life. I’m sending prayers for all who were affected today. Just horrific, sad and senseless.