It's a 'Throwback Thursday'. With baseball starting, I thought I'd delve into a few of the games and memories of my times at Fenway Park. First and foremost, I have never been to game at Fenway when the Red Sox have lost. I am a good luck charm if you want to bring me along.

My very first game was on a school trip. Back in May of 1987, our 9th grade class took a trip to Washington DC with stops along the way in Bangor, New York City and Boston. I remember distinctly sitting behind a pole behind first base as the Sox took on the Oakland Athletics. And by looking at the record via the web, I saw the score of that game, Boston won 6-2 on May 6, 1987. Quite honestly I didn't remember them winning, but it's nice to know they did.

That same year later in the summer, my uncle who lived in Rhode Island before he passed took me to a game. That game was against KC and again it being so long ago I don't really remember who won, but the internet is an awesome resource as I again noticed Boston won either 4-3 or 8-3. I was at one of  two games during the 2nd weekend in August because that was our yearly Rhode Island weekend. We sat at about the same area as I did on our school trip, and again, I was stuck behind a freaking pole. Pole or not, II was in awe of the ball park with its lush green grass, the seats, the monster, etc. It all looked so vibrant and real. Remember at that time when we watched the games on TV, they weren't shown in anything close to HD.

Since 1987, it wasn't until 2006 that I went back again and this time with work. We were there to witness Curt Schilling's 200th win against Tampa Bay with a score of 6-4. The following year we went again as a group at work and watched after a three-hour rain delay the Red Sox beat the Atlanta Braves during inter-league play. There again on May 20, 2007, the Red Sox won 6-3. Neither ticket in 2006 or 2007 was to a seat behind a pole. In 2006, we were in the outfield a few rows down from the Dunkin' Dugout and in 2007 we were up near the Budweiser sign way up over the right field.

After 2007, we as a family went to Fenway on April 20, 2010 and saw the Red Sox win with a big Darnell McDonald home run. Later the same season, actually just a few weeks later, I went down with work and watched the Red Sox win again.

So all in all, I've been to Fenway six times and each experience has been in many ways different, but there is nothing like the smells of the sausage cooking, popcorn, food and beer vendors yelling at the crowd. The clarity of the game as apposed to the screen in front of your couch is amazing to see even just once.

Fenway Park is an amazing place. It's not the most state of the art stadium, but it has a charm like no other pro sports venue.