How about a 'Throwback Thursday' story. Where Justin Bieber was arrested earlier today, I thought I'd go back into yesteryear and go through quickly a few stars who were less than pure back in the day.

No, Justin Bieber isn't first star to go off the rails. The "Superfreak" Rick James was a super freak. Over a five year span in the 80s, he spent almost two million dollars on cocaine and crack, then in the mid 90s got into even more trouble with the law.

Bobby Brown had his craziness too, especially while married to the late Whitney Houston. Brown was always in the news and in trouble with the law for his alleged assaults and drug use.

Remember Britney Spears and her craziness back in the mid 2000s? Shaving her head, driving impaired, and her so-called horrible 2007 MTV Video Music Awards performance. I say, so called because I re-watched a few minutes ago and it doesn't look as bad as I remember it when we all were watching it live.

Lindsay Lohan, she was a train wreck under the microscope for a time as well. She seems to be out of the spotlight at the moment but of course subject to change.

Then there was Charlie Sheen and his tiger blood with Adonis DNA all while "winning!" Remember that two-three month meltdown a couple of years ago?

I know I've over looked many, but above are a few celebrities that have been to "Bieber-Land"