I look at my life and I can be such an odd person. There is a surprise, huh? Depending on my mood I can be so on top of things and then other times, I am the worst procrastinator I know! The only person I hurt is me, because I stress myself out and get all worked up. The kicker is most of my best work is done this way. Any ideas on how to be less scattered in my habits?

What is it about humans that make us do this?  I don’t think I am secretly hoping the world will end so I really don’t have to do that homework.  But this is a reoccurring theme for me as a student in college working on my first college degree.  I have been doing this part time for years. It feels more like forever, but May 2013 I am due to get my degree.  I have even started a count down on a calendar to help keep me sane.  I love learning and I love being a student. I just don’t like all the homework. Never did and I am sure I never will.  But as I get closer to the end of this process, the work feels like so much. Honestly, it is no more than what I have dealt with in other semesters with ease. What tips do you have for getting it all done when all you really want is a nap and a few extra days?