Grab a tissue, here is another tear-jerker. This happened in a town in the boot heel of Italy, Tommy the dog goes to church daily.  The last time he and his master were in that church together was at her funeral Tommy is not new to the church, he would attend Mass daily with Maria Margherita Lochi.  He would walk to church with her; sit at her feet during the Mass.  He never made a noise to the other members of the church and the priest allowed it.  Now, when the church bells ring, Tommy knows it is time for Mass.  He attends, just as he did when Maria was alive.

Maria was an animal lover. She had adopted many homeless animals over the years. But there was a special connection between Maria and Tommy. I know that feeling, I love my ShadowDog, but my old dog Coffee was the best and there will never be another like him.

As for Tommy, he has been adopted by the whole town.  They look out for him and make sure he is fed. The priest said he does not have the heart to stop it.  The priest also said he had lost his dog not long ago.  Sounds like the two are a match made in heaven.