Looking over the calendar as I often do, I see we're at about the 12 year anniversary of our countdown, TNT! The Top Nine Tonight. I say about because I honestly don't remember the exact day. I know it was getting close to Halloween in 2000 when we started. I do remember the first #1, most requested. It was Backstreet Boys with "Shape of My Heart." I remember Jumpin' Jumpin' was on that first TNT as well. 98 Degrees? Remember them? Haha Where TNT is by request, these songs aren't exactly what we had going that night but will give you an idea of the chart.

Keep on requesting and I'll keep on counting them down. What's your song? Request right here or call, 626-9200 or 547-9200. If you call, shhhh I might even put you on the air!