Today is National Radio Day! Radio is the medium that is your friend in the car driving to or from work, the medium that can get local news out faster than any other and the medium that’s older than any other, except for print.

My 14th anniversary of working here at 92 Moose full time is this week. Crazy to think, over a decade walking the same halls and I'm still a newbie.

What was our coolest contest? Who remembers our massive scavenger hunt during our 20th anniversary? The pool giveaways at Levesque Pools in Benton every year or a ‘Diamond a Day in the Month of May’, or maybe another contest that I've overlooked.

Music programming, what’s your favorite segment of the day? Is it ‘Retro Lunch’ with all of your favorites from the past 35 years? Maybe it’s ‘TNT’, the Top Nine Tonight, the nine most requested songs of the day?

Whatever your favorite part is about listening to 92 Moose, we’re just glad we can bring it to you.