Today is ‘No Socks Day’. Guess what? Even before I knew it was ‘No Socks Day’ I wore my sneakers without socks. I guess I'm trendy.

Coincidentally, it is No (Red) Sox day as well as they have the day off and finally at .500. The Red Sox are off to Texas to take on the Ranger, but I digress.

I could sit here and make fun of Rex Ryan, but that news is a few years old now. I could write about one of my pet peeves, people wearing socks when wearing sandals. Why?

As summer and open toed shoe season are fast approaching, the topic of discussion is, guys getting pedicures and yes I have had one.

Guys have you you had one? Would you get one?

My only reservation getting one is I feel like I’m disturbing women having “girl time” with their friends. Ladies, what do think about dudes at the nail salon having them done while you're there relaxing?

I haven’t had one this year but maybe I’ll get one when Lynn wants to go.