Set your DVRs!! Tomorrow starts February sweeps in TV land. This is the time along with periods in May, August and November when you get the most fascinating television. Normally there are no repeats during sweeps or what you might call ratings.

Ratings periods are when viewers are charted by what they watch and then advertising rates for commercials are set upon the results of those viewer numbers. February sweeps this year go from January 30th until February 26.

Along with exciting and ramped up scripted shows and their plots the show might also include guest stars and season premieres and finales during sweeps. This month along with the other three months May, August and November can also be a time for salacious type news programming.

Have you ever heard weird teases like for example, “Kids are snorting Smarties, this may cause nasal maggots, details at 11” Often you’ll hear blurbs like that during a TV sweeps period.

If not offbeat and creepy headline teases you might get a running investigative report that a television station has been working on and then during a rating period rolls it out to create conversation.

What ever your TV poison happens to be, I’m sure you’ll find something to your liking over the next month.