Hey everyone, Matt James here, this is a list I have compiled of the top 10 dance crazes of all time (including videos so you can learn!).

I am basing my list off of two things; 1. My years of DJ'ing countless parties, and number 2 dances that I like and actually know how to do! Feel free to comment and add in dances that you think were part of the CrAzE!

Ok... Here we go!

10. Silento- Watch me

9. Casper- Cha Cha Slide

8. Cupid- Cupid Shuffle

7. Psy- Gangnam Style

6. Grand Funk Railroad- Locomotion

5. Michael Jackson- Thriller

4. Rocky Horror Picture Show- Time Warp

3. Rednex- Cotton Eyed Joe

2. Los Del Rio- Macarena

1. Marcia Griffiths- Electric Slide

Now of course I know there are a gazzilion other dance crazes out there, too, though this is just my own personal opinion based on how much I play "dances" at parties! Let us know what some of your other favorites are... The Wobble? The YMCA? What else?