Have you ever thought how you might want to bite the big one? Where you might be when it's time to take a dirt nap? What you will be wearing at the moment of your demise?

Me too. Here's a list of strange ways people have s**t the bed. Thanks to a little research from the creeps at Planet Dolan.

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10. Death by books. No, really. When Mariesa Weber was reported missing, no one presumed that they would find her lifeless remains wedged in behind her bookshelf. It appeared to investigators as though she were attempting to get in behind it to adjust a TV cord, slipped, and became wedged between the wall and the bookshelf rendering her unable to breathe. People thought she was a cautious girl, but you can't always judge a book by its cover.

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9. Sheep. That;s a baaaaaaad way to go. See what I did there? Back in the summer of 1999 a 67 year old woman was tending to her sheep. She was unloading a bail of hay of the back of her motorcycle, however, sheep being as impatient as they are charged towards her before it could be off-loaded. She was knocked down the side of a deep ravine and was actually able to survive the initial fall. That in of course until her motor-bike came tumbling down after her landing on her body. They said the bike was made by Baaaaahhhmaha.

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8. Death by hoarding. Years ago in New York City there were two brothers who lived together and had an unnatural fascination with filling their house with junk no one else wanted. I.e newspapers and other heavy crap. One day, a whole wall of it came down crushing one of the brothers and rendering him paralyzed. The other brother spent a week or two trying to feed the paralyzed brother, instead of calling for help. Eventually they both died because the able-bodied brother got hung up in his own homemade booby trap and they starved to death. They should have hoarded food instead of newspapers.

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7. The London Beer Flood. Back in 1814 a high-pressure beer vat ruptured inside a brewery. It unfortunately had a domino effect, causing all the other vats to burst as well. 323,000 gallons of beer flooded the brewery and surrounding streets. Eight people drowned in an overwhelming pool of beer. Talk about drowning your sorrows in a bottle, huh?

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6. Dance off. Or to death. It was way back in 1518 when one woman began dancing in the streets of Strasbourg City. She danced and danced without stopping causing others to join in. It was legitimately an affliction that was taking over hundreds of people. Townsmen believed that if they hired musicians people would get all their dancing out and finally stop. Wrong. People literally began dropping dead on the streets from sheer exhaustion of dancing so long. It's believed that severe famine and disease. Don't stop til ya get enough- or die.

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5. Death by death. Wait- what does that even mean? Back in 1991 there was a Thai woman whose name was Yooket Paen, she was out walking on her Bangkok farm when she slipped and grabbed the live wire of an electric fence to catch herself- she was then electrocuted and killed. It gets better. Later that very same day her daughter was out trying to show the neighbors what had happened to her mother when she too, slipped, fell and grabbed the same wire her mother had and died. How cunnin', like mother like daughter.

4. Death by beard. No, for real. It's a thing. In 1567 Hans Steininger broke his neck after tripping on his own beard after trying to escape a fire. He was an Austrian man and was internationally known for having the longest beard in the world. How long was it you ask? 4.5 feet long. I always knew that dollar shaver club could save lives.

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3. Death by showing off. Thirty-eight-year-old Canadian lawyer Garry Hoy died while trying to prove that the glass in the windows of a 24th-floor office were unbreakable.The lawyer, who was one of his firm’s best and brightest, had apparently developed the strange habit of hurling himself against the window to demonstrate its strength.Ordinarily, he would bounce right off the window pane, leaving a roomful of onlookers clapping. But on a fateful day in 1993, his little trick failed and the window popped right out of its frame, sending him plummeting to his death. His office was rather drafty after that.

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2. Overacting the part. British actor Gareth Jones met an unfortunate end when he suffered a heart attack while performing in a live televised play in 1958. The weird thing is that his character was actually scripted to have a heart attack.The other cast members improvised around his death and redistributed his lines on the fly. Miraculously, they finished the play with the audience none the wiser, but Jones could not be revived.

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1. Drowning at a lifeguard party. Are you kidding me? In 1985, New Orleans lifeguards threw a rockin’ pool party to celebrate their first drowning-free season.The party was a resounding success – until a thirty-one-year-old non-lifeguard guest was found dead at the bottom of the recreation department’s pool.There were four lifeguards on duty at the party, and more than half of the two hundred attendees were lifeguards themselves, but – somehow – no one was able to save Jerome Moody.