No matter what happened to Ayla Reynolds this is an awful story. Ayla Reynolds has been missing since mid December of 2011, that’s almost two years. Yes the police seemingly have taken a long time to gather evidence and find the guilty party, try and convict.

Recently Ayla’s mother Trista Reynolds went to the media to give additional details about the night Ayla went missing. Additional details which if don’t jeopardize the investigation I assume will limit her in at getting any further information about the case from the police.

Do I blame Trista for going to the media? No. She is frustrated with the police and I’m sure angry that this case isn’t solved in some 20 months. At the time back in December of 2011 she was getting clean from an addiction. I also understand it if she’s trying to keep her story in the news or as she says trying to put pressure on the police to make an arrest in Ayla’s disappearance.

This is just a guess but I bet the police are trying to gather enough evidence for not just an arrest but an open and shut conviction. They probably don’t want a plea deal or even worse, a mistrial or the guilty party walking free.

My final thought, I’m not in Trista Reynold’s shoes and don’t want to pass judgment in her actions.