It all started with a post yesterday on Facebook that I made on my personal page. Like many, there is some apprehension on my part on the new administration being sworn in next month in Washington, and I half jokingly posted this:

"Definitely not trying to start a political conversation, and I will just delete this if it turns into one, but with Trump soon in the White House..I have the same feeling I had when Bobby Valentine was named Red Sox manager. What could possibly go wrong?"

Innocent enough, right?

For those who don't know (or care) who Bobby Valentine is, he is a former American professional baseball player and manager. He is currently the athletic director at Sacred Heart University. Valentine played for the Los Angeles Dodgers (1969, 1971–72), California Angels (1973–75), New York Mets (1977–78), and Seattle Mariners (1979) in MLB. He managed the Texas Rangers (1985–92), the New York Mets (1996–2002), and the Boston Red Sox (2012) of MLB, as well as the Chiba Lotte Marines of Nippon Professional Baseball (1995, 2004–09).

An old high school classmate posted on my Facebook page that she had mentioned my Facebook post and thread to her husband, a political scientist and lifelong baseball fan. And he told her "this"

What is "this"? Donald Trump reportedly is considering Bobby Valentine to be US ambassador to Japan. Check out the story here from the NY Post.

His stint with Red Sox in 2012 was a disaster from day one. His very large personality did not mix well with the veterans on the team, and the Sox finished dead last in the five-team American League East with a record of 69 wins and 93 losses, 26 games behind the New York Yankees. It was the first time the Red Sox finished last in their division since 1992. I am hoping he fares better in Japan, if he gets the job.

On a side note, I did delete my original Facebook post, as it turned into a political debate as I feared. And In my opinion, after this past never ending election, we have all had enough of that!