Tomorrow night my son, Dylan, is going to his first middle school dance. This got me thinking about my first middle school/Jr High dance.

I don’t remember much about those dances. I do know I was jumping off those metal foldout chairs every time David Lee Roth yelled “jump” in Jump by Van Halen. Same for “Jump For My Love” by The Pointer Sisters. I remember the dreaded slow songs from that era too. “Sea Of Love” by The Honey Drippers, “Desert Moon” from Dennis DeYoung and “Say You Say Me” Lionel Ritchie. Every time a waltz, aka “turn in circles and hug” song, would start my heart would pound with the feeling of obligation in asking a girl to dance. However, I never got the courage, at least not in 7th-8th grade.

I do remember I would have been mortified if my Mom chaperoned. So I would never do that to my son nor want to DJ. Let the AMS teachers and other parents embarrass their teens.  Hope Dylan has a blast whether he slow dances or not.