We are two months away from Christmas. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? It’s hard not to think of it because all of the stores now have Holiday sections and decorations up now.

My wife Lynn, primarily, is always thinking of Christmas when she shops it could be August 10th and if she finds something she thinks someone would like she’ll pick it up especially if it’s on sale.

I sadly admit that I’m "a week before Christmas shopping" guy and that’s why I have a lovely wife who does most of the picking out and buying.

I’ve always lived with the idea that if you start early you’re just going to buy more because you’re never really done until Christmas Eve but that’s just me.

Where my wife does most of the shopping I just have to worry about parties and Lynn at Christmas. How about you? Who does the shopping? Do you attack the stores between Thanksgiving and Christmas or do you just pick things out when you see them?