State Police say they have charged two teenage boys with stealing eight cars in the past week from Farmingdale and  causing damage to some of the cars and  to the Litchfield Fairgrounds. The boys, whose names have not been released, are both 15 and from Farmingdale and  Whitefield, according to Maine Department of Public Safety Spokesman Steve McCausland.

McCausland said they were apprehended during the night after one of them was caught in the act of attempting to steal another car.  Seven of the cars were stolen from  a Farmingdale used car dealer – Maine Ave. Motors, which troopers have had under surveillance since late last week, according to McCausland.  The eighth vehicle was stolen next door from a resident of Foggy Bottom Campground.  The teens face felony charges of theft, burglary, aggravated criminal mischief, and misdemeanor unauthorized taking of a motor vehicle, McCausland said.

Sgt. Christopher Rogers said the thefts began June 21 when a 1979 Porsche was stolen from the campground and later found running along Bowman Street in Farmingdale, after residents called police about a car driving in their neighborhood erratically.

Among the seven vehicles stolen from the car lot was a 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe, that was later found inside one of the buildings at the Litchfield Fairgrounds.   The SUV had also rammed the gate and had damaged some of the fields at the fairgrounds, McCausland said.

Maine Department of Public Safety
Maine Department of Public Safety

Another stolen vehicle was found in the parking lot of Uncle Henry’s on Route 17 in Augusta, and one of the cars had been returned to the car lot  covered in mud and grass, both inside and out, McCausland said.

Last Friday morning, Troopers responded to the Pond Road in West Gardiner where two more stolen cars were being used to damage fields, with one of the cars being left behind.  There are also fields in Lincoln County where the cars may have damaged fields, as well, according to McCausland.

Maine Department of Public Safety

Troopers said the boys entered the office of the car lot, found car keys and then drove the vehicles off.  Troopers said the teens caused more over $50,000 in damage.  Other cars stolen were two Subaru Outbacks, 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix and a 2003 Mazda Protégé.  In addition to the stolen cars and damage to the fairgrounds, the boys also stole a license plate from a parked car in Farmingdale.  The license plate  number was “STOL3N” and was recovered last night on one of the stolen cars, according to McCausland.