This story is so sad.  These two women, 37-year old Amy Stiner of Machias, and 38-year old Melissa Moyer of Pennsylvania that were first lost in Roque Bluffs State Park, which is over in the area of Machias, were a short time later found dead in their vehicle underwater.

A local landowner, who is part of a search and rescue group, was contacted by the Maine Warden Service and he volunteered to look for the women, who had become lost on the hiking trails. He found them as well as their dog.  They were able to get back their car and be on their way.

Then a little while later, the two called 911. The apparently had driven their vehicle into the water. The GPS showed they were almost a mile away from the park, where they had returned to get the car. The search was on.  In the end, officials found the bodies of the women and the dog in the water about 175 feet from the boat ramp.

The incident is under investigation.