One of my all time favorite albums turns 30 years old today. Yes, 30 that's three decades, I'm feeling old. The smack in the face shouldn't have crept up on me because the title. Van Halen's '1984' is the big 20-Ten!

The big hits, "Jump," "Panama," "Hot For Teacher" and "I'll Wait." '1984' has sold 17 million copies world wide and is the last real Van Halen record featuring David Lee Roth. No I do not count the latest record featuring "Tattoo" and Wolfgang on bass.

I was in 6th grade at LeMarchant St. Thomas Elementary school and Mr. MacDonald was my teacher. Jump was my favorite song that year and year after. A little trivia about the video it only cost $600-$800 dollars to make depending on where you get your information.

A questioned that was always asked about the song "Panama" was it about a car or was it about a girl? For the closet thing to an answer, click here.

Another interesting piece of trivia about '1984'. The cover was banned in the UK. It's a bit inappropriate but everyone's seen it a zillion times so I used it.