Kristin and Katherine grew up loving music. Kristin is a seasoned songwriter (writing since grammar school) and plays guitar while Kristin plays drums and keyboard. Both girls sing and the harmonies are beautiful! They have talent but, more importantly, they're just nice people who are a joy to hang out with! At just 17-years-old, they speak with the wisdom of much older people.

Like anyone with talent, the Veayo Twins are driven by a passion. The passion comes from, no surprise, a love of making music. What may surprise you is the other source of their passion. They are overcoming a huge obstacle that caused them to be bullied. They both have dealt with a stuttering problem for much of their young lives, especially Kristin. Not surprisingly, kids made fun of them because of this trait that made them "different" than the other kids. Made them a target of ridicule. It was tough. For Kristin it started in grammar school and for Katherine, in middle school. For both, it lasted into their freshman year in high school.

When kids are bullied, they find ways to cope. Some turn to chemical dependency. Some turn to self-harm or worse. Kristin and Katherine, who are as close as any two siblings could be, always turned to music. Kristin says, "We used music as an outlet instead of engaging in unhealthy behavior." Clearly, the made the right choice!

Not only is their mission to go as far as they can in the music industry but also to help people along the way. People who are bullied and made to feel inferior. People who need an outlet. These young women have been there and have a lot to bring to the table, not to mention, they are a shining example of how turning negative energy in the proper direction can pay off in a big way! Like Pitbull says in Give Me Everything, "Took my life from negative to positive."

The documentary, "Bullied to Silence," featured the twins and, if your school district isn't using it as a tool, inquire about it. It is available to them. You can learn more about the Veayo Twins at their website, too.

Many of the Veayo Twins' songs address bullying. In fact, Kristen estimates she's written around 20 on the subject including "Scream At Walls," a haunting rock tune and "Don't Forgive Me," which is a song about self-harm. On CD Baby, Kristin had this to say on the subject:

Don't Forgive Me" was a heartfelt composition that seemed to just flow out of me one late night after a regretful release. I had been going through a catastrophe of emotional issues: bullying, post-traumatic stress, and painful emotional illnesses that are very common in today's society. Because of a numbness and lack of being able to feel physical pain, I fell into a very deep trench of addictive behaviors, also known as self-injurious behavior. After that late night of digging deeper in that trench, I identified the wrongs in my behaviors, and wrote Don't Forgive Me as an apology to all of my friends and family members for my regretted release.

Tomorrow evening from 6 to sunset at Waterfront Park in Augusta, the Veayo Twins will be joined by a full band and are looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. You'll be able to purchase their debut cd there, too, for just $6. You'll also be able to see them at Norcross Point in Winthrop on Sunday!

Their dad, Steve, is their manager. He's eager to see them succeed but wants to do it at their own pace and, rather than push them, let's them lead and encourages them to take whatever time they need for school, friends and a social life. Their mom, Michelle, is right there, too. They are a wonderful family who you will get to meed if you go to a show because they're always together, supporting each other!

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