My daughter Vikki was a trooper this morning. She had tubes put in her ears because of fairly chronic ear infections since her birth. I don't know the exact number butt I'm betting it was six over the past 18 months.

Vikki coloring

A few weeks ago Vikki had her 'well visit' with the pediatrician. Her Doctor saw fluid in her ear again and with ear infections her history her, the doctor set Vikki up with a referral to see Dr. Penner, an ears nose and throat specialist.

Yesterday was the appointment for the referral and during that visit the doctor set Vikki up with the surgery for tubes in the ears or medically known as a Myringotomy.

So Lynn calls me at work yesterday to tell me Vikki is having the procedure done tomorrow, meaning this morning, at Parkview in Brunswick. Then it got kind of chaotic regarding who was going to take the brothers to school and feed them breakfast, etc. Dylan and Justin ended up staying with their Memere overnight last night.

Parkview Hospital in Brunswick

This morning came way too early at 4:30am. I made coffee, checked my Facebook feed and got Vikki ready for the procedure and off we went. The hardest part was knowing that your child, who is unsuspecting, was going to be put under and have this done. We arrived at Parkview in Brunswick at about 6:15 am. We checked in and fairly quickly got into, I guess, an examining area? It was sort of like backstage before the event. Must have been ear tube day because we were in the pre-operating area with many other children who were there for the same reason.

From what people have told me this Myringotomy procedure is very common, especially in children. Between being called in and actual surgery, it took about an hour. Vikki spent that time making three friends, coloring and chatting it up with the nurses and Doctors.

The anesthesiologist rolled in at 7:25 am, about five minutes prior to the procedure and explained they were going to use gas and she might be cranky when she comes off of it. The fun stopped for Vikki when they came and took her for the 10-15 minute surgery. I was kind of hoping to be invited to be there while it was happening, but the assumption was we were to wait for her and not go in. I was okay in a way because I would have just paced or asked stupid questions. The Doctor got the job done and Lynn and I were told Vikki was ready and we went in to see her. She was just coming off of the anesthetic and yes she was very cranky. The nurses were over her with a clothespin type thing taped onto her finger, I guess to check pulse and oxygen. Vikki was crying and yelling and no snack or juice would calm her. She didn't want anything or anyone. This went on for about 30 minutes or so.

Lynn and I were given the post-operation directions and then the "green light" to leave. Vikki slept most of the way home. When we got home, she ate a snack, finally, and drank some juice. Now as I finish this post, she is happy.