Maine-ly Elder Care provides quality Home Care services to seniors, promoting independence at home, while maintaining a commitment to excellence. They are a state licensed home care agency providing an array of services to meet the individual needs of the seniors they serve that include: Nursing Services, Personal Support Specialists, Christian Caregivers, Home Modifications and Property Management, Alzheimer’s Specialists, Homemakers and Transportation Services.

Motto: “Caring for the ones who cared for us”

Founded: 1999

Led by: Denise Stevens , RN President and CEO

It’s important to be informed about home care services before a crises happens, if you have senior loved ones, being prepared for when the time for home care services arises, you have the information to choose a home care agency that will provide your senior loved one with quality care.

Signs to recognize that your senior loved one may need home care:

• Appointments being missed

• Frequent falls and bruises

• Body odor

• Unopened Mail piling up

• Poor diet and weight loss

When selecting a home care agency, here are some questions to ask:

• Ask if the agency performs background checks on all of their employees

• Ask if the agency is state licensed, state licensed agencies are audited on a consistent basis to assure consumers receive quality care and the agency is in compliance with state regulation

• Ask how long an agency has been in business, it’s important to have an agency with a reputable history

• Ask for references from past clients

Meet The Expert

Denise Stevens

“I have been working in home care and serving seniors for 20 years. I founded Maine-ly Elder Care in 1999, the same year I started nursing school. I graduated as a registered nurse in 2001 and went on to Thomas College and obtained my bachelor’s degree in business administration. I have loved serving seniors in home care from my very first home care visit. I am passionate about being able to provide home care services that enable seniors to live independently in their own home. As CEO of Maine-ly Elder Care we strive to provide the best quality senior care, by developing our services and employee trainings to meet the individual needs of the seniors we love to serve. Maine-ly Elder Care is involved in many community outreach programs, through partnerships with other local businesses that educate and inform the community about healthcare and prevention. Maine-ly Elder Care employs a dynamic team of compassionate, dedicated care givers that has helped Maine-ly Elder Care earn a reputation of excellence in senior services. Our goal is to be the agency of choice for senior services.”

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