His name is Eric Brakey, a New Gloucester resident, Republican and professional actor who recently announced his candidacy for state Senate District 15.  In the video he is the guy in the red speedo dancing in front of the mirror with the maracas. Eric is an actor and this is an ad for coconut water. But some are trying to use this against him in his campaign.

According to the story in the KJ, Some have been eyeing the ad for coconut water where he ‘playing a part’ as some sort of reflection of Eric Brakey as a candidate. Some have even edited the video just to show Brakey’s part of the ad and slowed it down to get a good look at his dancing.

I love coconut water. I thought the ad was kinda cute. I am not so wild about politics. So I am going to have a big glass of coconut water and ask can we talk about real issues and real solutions please?